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Day 8 of 31 Days To First Love Yourself꧁: Believe in Yourself

The hardest thing for me was to believe in myself. Like am I really worthy of this joy, of this love, of this second maybe third chance to live this abundant life. Yes, I am! All I have to do is believe! Believe that God wants nothing but the best for me.

Knowing God is my strength, knowing it is his will that will always prevail, and knowing that he will never fail me, I can do all things in Christ Jesus!

Now we’re talking about a girl, who didn’t have her mother or father, who overcame domestic violence, homelessness, mental health, broken heart, lost her career, who was completely broken down to nothing but STILL believe the best is yet to come. It is! All those experiences have taught me valuable lessons. One was mother hood. How could I ever be a devoted loving mother if I never had my own mother to show me this unconditional love. It was only God’s grace and strength that has gotten me this far. I had to sacrifice some things but it was and still is worth every penny and moment of time. I remember my aunt, telling me motherhood does not come with a book. You will make mistakes but all you have to do is pray and believe God to get you through. She was right!

As I get more in prayer and speak life over things I desire, I START BELIEVING I can and I will receive them! Believing in yourself is the gateway to being true to who you are! Believe you are unstoppable! Believe you are bold! Believe you are courageous! Believe in YOU! You can do anything you put your mind to! If it’s in God’s will, it will manifest into a blessing and nothing can hinder it! If it’s not in God’s will, then it won’t happen or if it does happen it will teach you a lesson. Either way, going for it will help you to believe in yourself more.

First Love Yourself by Believing in yourself, you can & you will! Let God be the strength to get you through it.

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