Upcoming Events

Black Earth Pageant
We are excited and proud sponsors of the Mr. & Miss Black Earth Inaugural National Pageant. The pageant will be held in Jacksonville, FL on December 2-4, 2022. Winners will have the chance to compete in the international pageant in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends, build character, establish a platform, and most of all embrace your authentic self.  If you are interest in being a delegate or sponsor click the link to submit your application. 


Brown Girl Poetry Marathon



The Brown Girl Poetry Marathon will take place July 30th 2022. The marathon will start at 12 PM ET on the 30th and end to 12 AM ET on the 31th of July.

General Registration for all participants will be open until July 29th. 

$100 Registration Fee

No Late Registration will be permitted


Each hour you will be presented with a word or phrase to use in your poem.

Feel free to keep your sound on the entire time and enjoy the Brown Girl Guidebook Soulful Playlist

The chat will be monitored to the entire time to take questions and provide support.

The submission portal will be opened at 1:00am on July 31st.

​This event is for all Brown Girls of all ages! More Information check out out website: 



Start With Self-Love Tour
Selfies & Self-Love

Charlotte, North Carolina 

August 13, 2022 at 2pm 


Brown Girl Guidebooks will feature our amazing panel of Start With Self-Love co-authors Pamela Gunn, Latisha Imara, Ebony McMillan, Dre’Yon Morris, Porschea Necoal, Meliqua Heath and Demetria Largie. Come enjoy cocktails, cupcakes and conversations with Jessica Amaro, visionary and President of Amaro Group Publishing.

All tickets include: Admission to the museum, A physical copy of Start with Self-Love book, Signature Cocktails, A Gourmet Cupcake, and A Special Brown Girl Gift. This is an intimate event, so tickets are limited.*  More Information 



The Making of a Model

Atlanta, Georgia 

July 23-24, 2022


We are proud sponsors of this exciting event. If you are interested in becoming a model or vendor? Check this event out happening in July. You can also reach out to Faith Grace on Facebook or Instagram. 


Start With Self-Love
Brown Girl Guidebook Book Launch & Brunch

Brown Girl Guidebooks is celebrating the launch of Start with Self-Love by brunching! Our Brown Girl Brunch will feature our amazing panel of co-authors Pamela Gunn, Latisha Imara, Ebony McMillan, Dre’Yon Morris, Porschea Necoal, Meliqua Heath, and Demetria Largie. Come enjoy a conversation with Jessica Amaro, visionary and owner of Amaro Group Publishing and friends. All brunch tickets come with a physical copy of Start with Self-Love, Brunch, Mimosas, and a Special Gift. This is an intimate brunch, so limited tickets will be available.*

More Infomation visit our website at  www.BrownGirlGuideBooks.com

First Love Yourself 
Women's Conference
Last year's conference was amazing!!! 
This year's conference will be held via zoom, May 7th, 2022 at 10am! Come experience being uplifted and empowered by QUEENS inspiring QUEENS!!!  There will be door prizes, entertainment, vendors, and an Ultimate Makeover & Photoshoot giveaway!!!

Thank you for all the support and encouragement to keep going!