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Believe it. Achieve It.

Last year was truly an awakening year. I must say. Lol. Early in June of 2021, I heard God telling me I have to rest. Literally. So I made the decision to stop everything. Obedience to God was more important to me than walking a runaway, posing for a camera, getting paid to speak, or volunteering at a charity event. To the world it was weird, but to me, I knew it was going to be life-changing. Fast forward now, after about 6 months of rest, reading the Word, valuing my peace, a meaningful and dedicated fast, and a lot of revelation, God finally gave me the YES, I had been waiting to hear. As the first two months of 2022 come to past, I must give God the Glory for constantly reminding me to keep going, don't look at what's in front of me and to trust him. People ask all the time are you still doing your business. I say, "of course." Even though, it's not a million dollar business today, God's favor for me gave me the strength to plant a seed in 2020 that I trust will reap harvest. With that being said, I took some time to nurture it, prune it, and cultivate it. Yes, I revamped somethings, organized the structure, created programs, analyzed & strategized, not to forget to mention, and perfected my skills with some updated trainings. See I believe, God didn't create us to be complacent. He created us to be nomadic and talented, SKILLFUL in many things. Society tells us to pick a niche and let it thrive but God said serve the people with what you have. If we just take a moment to think about the things we already have, we can find one, two, maybe three things that we can expand on to become business owners and serve the people. I challenge you to write down 20 things you are really good at doing and brainstorm how three of things can manifest servitude for others and revenue for you. Let me know, if you're up to the challenge by commenting below. Take a picture and tag me on my Facebook page: Meliqua J. Heath. I would love to hear your ideas and help you in the beginning stages of becoming a business owner.

First Love Yourself by knowing whose you are, who you are, and what your divine purpose is. Remember we are all ImPerfect Yet Flawless!

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