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Day 7 of 31 Days To First Love Yourself: ꧁Own Your Flaws

One of hardest things in life is a self evaluation. It’s a challenge to examine our own reality of our behaviors, personalities, and decisions. Everyone love the positive feedback but it’s our negative criticism that we get most offended by. Can you take it? There was a time ago I couldn’t. Matter a fact about 6 months ago. Aha, the lessons will always continue to come back around until you ace them.

I know we all heard the statement sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. WRONG! Words hurt a lot. They last forever if you feed them energy or give them space in your head. I say own your flaws because once you realize your own weaknesses, your own imperfections, your own mistakes, no one can use them against you. When someone tries to criticize or belittle you, it won’t hurt or disappoint you because you are aware of yourself.

Now it took time for me to swallow those words and even now I still try not to take to heart so much of the thoughts and opinions of others. However, understanding you’re not everyone’s cup of tea will get you through life much easier. People will always assume, judge, and create an opinion of you based off their own experiences and feelings about themselves.

Yes, I use to care when someone said something bad or made up a lie about me. Shoot even if it was the truth about me. But now the Meliqua who didn’t use to value her worthiness, her peace, who was always insecure about everything, who doubted everything, who didn’t feel pretty, who didn’t know what love was, or felt if she wasn’t good enough, who held everyone’s thoughts & opinions on a pedestal except her owns, realized her imperfections has helped mold her into the woman she is today.

I stopped giving people authority over my life with their thoughts & opinions and proudly announced God’s presence in my life as he assured me I AM ANOINTED!

Yes I am flawed. Yes I get mood swings at that time of the month. Yes, I get upset with people. Yes, I yell at the car in front of me. Yes, I slip up and curse when extremely upset. Yes, I make mistakes. Yes, I always go above and beyond. Yes, I talk loud. Yes, I thought I was out of shape. The list can go on and on and on. But instead of dwelling on my imperfections as bad things, I use them as growing tools to better myself. How else would we know what we need to work on to better ourselves if we didn’t own our flaws. I get down in prayer, ask for forgiveness & guidance to overcome that flaw. I take one flaw at a time and change it into something positive. So when someone does try to offend me, it rolls down my back, and I can keep moving.

Owning your flaws starts with self reflection of your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. It allows you to understand we are all ImPerfect Yet Flawless. God created us to be different in all aspects, Unique in our DNA and personalities, and To be a light to others walking similar paths in their imperfections. We can choose to hold ourselves accountable by learning from our flaws as lessons & blessings. Be set FREE!

First love yourself! We are all Imperfect Yet Flawless!

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