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Day 6 of 31 Days To First Love Yourself꧁: Be Intentional꧂

I remember saying all the things I wanted to do. I literally would start planning and then some sort of life event would happen. Then next thing you know it I’m back at square one saying what I want to do. As a mother of three, working a full-time demanding career, and trying to finish school, I found myself always making up excuses of why I haven’t completed something. It was easy to start criticizing myself but I was encourage not to and here’s why. God is an on time God. I came to understand, I needed to prepare myself for the life destined for me. Of course fighting against the conformities of this world, I battled living in the flesh, however, praying more to God and establishing a stable relationship with him, has helped me to prioritize my goals into small plans of actions. I write it down, I speak life over it, I pray about it, and then I meditate over it. Eventually, if it’s for me it manifests before my eyes. I wait for God to guide my steps towards it. I become intentional about every task towards achieving it.

Even when I have a lot on my plate, I stay mindful that God has a calling on my life and I can’t just shoot the gun doing whatever I want to do. I stay mindful that I am a servant and I have work to do that’s going to bless the lives of others. If I’m supposed to do something, I hold myself accountable and steadfast to my decisions and tasks at hand.

An idling mind is a troublesome spirit but a sound mind is one who keeps his peace. Meaning you have to be intentional about your decisions to gain a life free from worry. Being intentional allows you to receive exactly what you have set out to do. The more intent you are about something the more aware you become of your heart desires and in return achieve your goals. God will bring you to every opportunity that is destined for you. All you have to do is be intentional about receiving it. You also have to recognize distractions and flee from them. I can say it’s hard, but BEING INTENTIONAL helps gain a favorable amount of peace in your life. You’ll feel accomplished and happy because you were obedient to God’s plans for your life.

It is easier said than done but First Love Yourself enough to be intentional about your life.

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