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Day 5 of 31 Days To First Love Yourself:꧁ Let Go & Let God

I try to remind myself all the things I have gone through no longer exist. I lived through them. I have survived each and every one of them. They can not go with me where God is taking me. No matter what it is, I can not hold onto them anymore. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to move forward. Holding onto things, past hurt, fears, anxiety, pain, a broken heart, only slows you down and hinders you from living and walking in your divine purpose. Holding onto things block you from receiving what’s meant for you.

A lot of the time we block our own blessings holding onto things we should have let go of a long time ago. We have to learn to be ok with letting go so we can receive the blessings God has for us.

Instead of being fearful of the should ofs, could ofs, would ofs, I trust that God will provide all my needs and heart desires. You really have to surrender all your pain and worries to him. Then TRUST him. Know if it works great and if it doesn’t works then it’s still great. You will either receive a lesson or a blessing. Both are an opportunity to GROW into your best you. You don’t have to worry yourself. You don’t have to relive your mistakes. You don’t have walk in misery and pain. Let Go & Let God.

First Love Yourself enough to TRUST GOD to get you through.

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