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Day 3 of 31 Days To First Love Yourself: ꧁Protect Your Peace

Your peace is the most valuable aspect of life. It is literally priceless! Of course, in my younger years I didn’t understand it when my elders would say stop getting upset and fussing about everything. It’s not worth it. I mean the littlest thing use to bother me. What people said or thought about me would put me in a uptight defensive fit. I wanted to always clear my name, stand up for myself, or always argue my point down. It was an emotional angry ride of life. I came to realize none of it matters. At your lowest people will have something to say and at your highest people will still always have something to say. So I stop explaining and defending myself. I stopped trying to always prove a point. Whew, thank you lord for showing me the art of not caring about what others think. It’s a cruel world but they don’t have the final say. This even happen to me the other night, I said my peace and turned around despite the uneasy energy in the atmosphere I kept my peace knowing the situation was not worth me raising my blood pressure over. On another note, when it comes to finances, bills, relationships, life mishaps, and so on. I strategize a plan of action, take it to God in prayer, then go back to make adjustments where needed. I do what I can with what I have. I don’t try to impress or live beyond my means. Because honestly none of it matters. If I’m not for someone, I wish them well and be on my way. I refuse to exhaust too much energy on something that sucks life out of me. I figure if God wants me to have them or it, then it will so be. I also protect my peace by knowing what is meant for me there is nothing man can do to take it away from me. If it’s going to stress me out or be a negative environment, I can’t be involved with it. I also take note on signs that trigger me and I get in prayer immediately to take proper actions. At this point of my life, I try to do things and be around those who brings peace. Yes, we all will be tested. However, remember to remain HUMBLE & walk in HUMILITY. Sounds daunting but in fact, it BRINGS sooo MUCH PEACE. You don’t have to validate nothing with anyone. God is the only judge of you. Don’t care if they agree with you or not. And know you don’t have to be the yes person anymore. It’s hard at times but do know saying No more often is one of the best tools to implement in your life to protect your peace.

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