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Day 2 of 31 Days To First Love Yourself꧁: PRAY꧂

When I was broken down to nothing I didn’t know what else to do but ask God for help. I was in so much pain. I honestly didn’t trust no one. Not even myself. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. It clicked in my mind the more I asked for help from God the more I started moving.

That little prayer helped me to learn how to build a closer relationship with God. Every relationship is built on communication. From there grows trust & unwavering love. As I learned to pour my heart at the altar in prayer, my desire to learn more about God grew. Like how could he ever love me so much to give me another chance to smile, to be a mother, a friend, a servant. I than realize God wanted me to talk to him. Not just about the big things but every worry, every piece of joy, my highs and my lows, my mistakes, my accomplishments, my happiness and my pain. God want us to come to him and surrender it all to him.

Guess what? It was the best decision I made. Me saying that one little prayer. “God help me! Amen” Forever changed my life. Day by day my prayers got a little bit more personal. Hey, now I talk to him about anything and everything. Lipstick, stress, food, dating, music, brushing my hair, shoot everything. Lol. He is truly my bestfriend. I know when things get heavy or confusing to kneel before him and open my mouth for his help and guidance. Take time to first love yourself by getting in prayer with God. Talk to our creator.

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