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Do it NOW!

There comes a time in your life when you have no choice but to do it NOW!

I am the BOSS!

After years of working for the government, I finally had the courage to do my own thang. I mean it only took 10 years of abuse from the corporate world for me to realize, God created me to be my own boss. I realized, he placed me in position to get all the training and experience I needed to have a company servicing just about everything. I can honestly say, it caught me off guard when I was fired. But I can also, honestly say that it was that push that got me where I am today. I will tell you more in detail about that another day. Today though, I want you to understand, that I wasn't fully prepared to be my own boss. However, God knew what he was doing when me and my sister sat on her bed and completed the process for me to start my own business. Even today, I don't know why God chose me to have this brilliant idea to manage a business and personal life coach company that also provide client services and resources. However, I do trust that he creates successful millionaires out of unusual and creative ideas. So, here I am my own boss of MiMi Muniz Management, Inc.

My company

Where did I get such a name? Well, many of you know my nickname is MiMi and very little of you know my father's last name is Muniz. I wanted to brand myself as MiMi Muniz, but ummm as statistics has shown there are over 100 thousand MiMi's. So I just decided to name my company MiMi Muniz Management, Inc. Since, there are very few Meliqua's, I decided to let my biological government name be known, Meliqua J. Heath. That's right. From this moment, Meliqua J. Heath is setting a platform to empower, inspire, and lead business owners and everyday people to the walk in their divine purpose knowing the best is yet to come. I am beyond excited. I have waited a long time to launch this vision. I have talked about it and wrote about it and now I just got to do it! Thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope it touches your life like the thoughts of it has touched mine. Yeah! Finally, I understand, "sometimes you have to just DO IT NOW!"

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