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Day 4 of 31 Days To First Love Yourself: ꧁Do not entertain Misery

I just work up thinking about this. Within the last two weeks I had to cut people out of my life that I dearly love. Not because I wanted too but because their spirit wasn’t good for my spirit.

See….Miserable people CAN’T STAND TO BE AROUND HAPPY PEOPLE! Hurt people hurt people. Broken people judge people not even knowing you are going through it to but because you have surrendered it all to God, YOU SMILE!

Shoot, I’m far from perfect. I got things on my wish list I have yet to receive. I go through hell everyday just trying to be better than my yesterday. I experience anxiety, fear, depression, crying spells, rejection, and past due bills. Sometimes, I forget to put deodorant on, or that I haven’t even eaten because my to do’s list be overflowing. I was homeless sleeping in my car while my son slept on the floor with a pillow & blanket at a relative house. Allowing my daughters to go live with their father broke heart. My ex husband held a gun to my head and threaten to kill me if I left him. I wanted to die every day because I too was one day a time ago the same miserable person hating to be around happy people.

But God, redeemed and delivered me! Appreciating his grace & mercy to get me through and keep me going, is the reason that despite if all is going wrong I CAN WALK WITH MY HEAD HELD HIGH & WITH A SMILE on my face! Not because I am fake, not because I think I’m all that, not because everything in my life is perfect. But because I am humble to know, The JOY of the lord is my strength! I KNOW GOD, GOT ME! Hallelujah!

What is taken away will be replaced with something better. I know God will bless me with far more than I can ever imagine for myself. Again, not because I am perfect because I’m not. But because in all my flaws and sins I chose to surrender them to him, trusting him to guide my footsteps, and transforming my mind, body, and soul. I serve a perfect God! That little tiny piece of mustard seed faith got me right here today. Praising & worshipping, like I have never done before.

I didn’t grow up in church, I didn’t know how much prayer changes your life, I didn’t know my mistakes can be forgiven, and I surely didn’t know I could have another chance to live a life of abundance and favor from the Lord. Everyday God is showing me how I can become a better me. I’m learning that even in my stinky thinking if I add a couple of, “I am not” words to the beginning of my thoughts, I will over turn my negative thoughts into positive words of encouragement.

I can go on but I will stop here. Know misery loves company, do not entertain it. Instead pray for your neighbor going through for they do not know God is a good God. Allow your anointing to overflow into their cup by praying for them.

When you are feeling down, address it with yourself. Call me crazy, I talk to myself just like Mr. Brown say. I be like, “Self, cry it out girl but we going back at it tomorrow. Get some rest.” Before I knew God I would worry myself out trying to figure it all out. Up all night crying, stressing, sleepless, angry, frustrated. But the Meliqua now, call my baby sis, talk it out, cry it out, pray it out, then rest it out. Next thing I know I feel refreshed to address what was bothering me in a more peaceful manner. I stopped allowing the misery of my past or others take over my mind. And just sometimes, you get to a point where you realize you have to love from a distance.

As yesterday thought protect your peace, First Love yourself enough to DO NOT ENTERTAIN MISERY. Smile every chance you get!

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