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📍Day 1 of 31 Days First Love Yourself꧁: Guard Your Heart

As I journey through life, I realized one of the biggest mistakes I made was allowing myself to constantly give all of my heart unconditionally to people & things, especially those who didn’t appreciate me. Yes, it took a hard fall in life for me to understand, I have to GUARD MY HEART.

Meaning I can’t allow myself or others to take the parts of me they want and leave me broken & shattered, anymore. It means I had to stop allowing people to come in and out of my life after they have hurt me. I had to protect myself from anything and everything that sucked life out of me. That included family, friends, relationships, careers, and any form of unnecessary stress. Don’t get me wrong, I still go through things, but now I have learned to recognize it & manage through it by self evaluating my time, energy, and resources. You’ll know who appreciates you genuinely and you’ll feel the energy of the red flags for those things or people you should guard your heart from. It’s a process. Not an overnight success story. It’s completely ok to do so.

Guarding the heart builds the security within of knowing I am enough . I will not settle just to say I have. I Love Me!

Take time to First Love Yourself by guarding your heart!

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